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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cake Madness and Sore Feet

FHM 2009 was awesome! =D Thanks to Ashlyn, I hogged her business card and got in~ Didn't know it was open to public on Friday which explains the por por and aunties behaving like starving African people =A=;;

Cute test shot in uni =D

Everyone forgets about the H1N1 chaos when there's freebies and samples involved >D


Once enter the hall, we were greeted by a decent selection of Australian wine to taste =D

Sensory Basics booth and their bathtub of awesomeness!! In the bathtub, there's a heck lot of samples mostly Crabtree & Evelyn and Acca Kappa toiletries. Body wash, lotion, shampoos and contidioner =D This was my main mission for going to the convention >D

Next stop!

Where we get to try ice-blended drinks and coffee with their syrups. Thank god I snapped this pic early cuz all the hungry aunty and por por crowding and waiting for the free sample drink =_=;;

The perks of registering for a business tag =P. Chatted a little with one of the owners and he asked the barista to make me a cup of of their premium coffee =D I was impressed that they served it like this XD and when I started to snap pics like some jakun, the barista made more for me *fallsover*

So I got this...

and this XD Seemingly they're opening an academy to teach coffee art in December =D Drank 3 cups of coffee and 1 cup of steam milk with cream cookie syrup from this booth alone @@;;

Lobster sez hai~


This is not a cake convention @@;;; The cakes just look more interesting to me lol. Think I better upload the rest on FB for a better view :D. Before I end:

Samplessssssssss 8DDDDD I'm a very happy cat 8D

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