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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money Matters

I like to take this time to express my dissatisfaction on something many people lack.... punctuality. You have all agreed to pay up in by a certain specific date thus it is solely your responsibility to pay up by that date, not half, not quarter but FULL PAYMENT. It is 9th March, 4 days after the deadline and I don't see my account showing the figures that I expected by that date.

We have discussed this 2 weeks before the deadline and everyone had agreed to it. It made my blood boil that I had to call the culprit to find that she could only pay it a few days later. So I waited. She called again 2 days later saying that she could only pay half of the amount and said it without an ounce of shame or guilt.

I don't have time to be a mother and harass for money. I don't have time to keep track for all the incomming money. I just wanna set that all aside and focus on other things. It's a real headache to keep track of it. With the amount of researching and planning I've been doing for weeks as a result, giving u guys quite a decently budgeted holiday I would've expected you people who only had to 'goyang kaki' to effing pay me on time.

It doesn't help that my mum has benn harassing me to pay her back. RM500 for me to tanggung alone is quite heavy, people... -_-

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