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Monday, March 2, 2009

Living To The Fullest

Yea I'm living it by playing games *laughs* I got totally hooked to Yu-Gi-Oh and High Street 5 during the weekend. Kidnapped the mangas from Brian 8D and High Street 5 sucked balls but I’m still playing it. The songs are crap and there are only 4 modes. The leveling system is so bad, your player can end up with negative exp =__= Don’t get me started on the money system! The items don’t last forever unless you purchase points to redeem them. Only thumbs up I give for HS5 is allowing characters to walk around giving it an RPG feel. I miss AuditionSea Night Mode T__T I just hope Steps will be good.

LMC Salon if having a very good promotion and I'm very tempted to have my hair rebonded or treated instead. The curls are dropping >__< and my hair is super dry. Will prolly invest in RedKen or Schwarzkopf shampoo and leave-on conditioner.

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