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Friday, March 6, 2009

And The Wheel Continues to Turn

Ok cool so I haven't been updating much cuz HS5 has washed my brain at night and in the morning I'm busy with work.

Yesterday I went to Astro to watch over the recording for Matta Fair's radio ad. Quite interesting and I got to meet some cool DJ's and the voice overs for the ad =D. The cafeteria rox as it's like some mini buffet spread only that you have to pay. I took 2 huge cakes and teh ais in total costs only RM2 8D. It can be a very nice photoshoot area if you're looking to photoshoot at empty roads. It's just so quiet and the parking is almost empty. They have a very carefree environment but security is quite tight @w@

After work, me and Brian rushed for the Watchmen premiere. We had to work for the tix by dressing like the people from the slums and harassing people in the halls not to watch the movie. The movie was good but the music they picked was just wtf.... making the movie look kinda retarded.... My verdict...

DON'T WATCH WATCHMEN!!! T__T *holds sign*

All in all, life is extremely good minus the few minutes of unpleasantness for the past 2 days. Pics will be up tonight.

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