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Friday, March 27, 2009


Culprit! >w</

Hmm today I wasn't greeted by a dog but a cat.=D;; and it pooped all over the office stairs >__<\;; The whole area kinda stinks now.

Am in love with the checkered gingham skirt <3 RM50 + Rm40 for a nice off shoulder matching top. Very preppy school-like but I already have a checkered bf tee. I still have time to think since it's restockable anyways <3

I would've snagged this as well if only it was a jumpsuit instead of a dress. And second, I won't wear this until I have a kinky pair of lace up boots from Nine West or I-Socks 8D. This piece is just gorgeous!!!! *A* Pic from Miss Nineteen.

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