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Monday, March 23, 2009

Yay I Won! *snorts*

I've never felt so insulted receiving a prize. The winners list was just BS. Oh well, it's rm500 *whistles* though I'm dissapointed in my performance. It was just........ not very graceful haha.... I felt like some cartoon character for kids since some of the poor kids were crying from seeing Nemesis and Krauzer. I'm like some relief for the parents since they go "Oh look there. Got cat! :3" at their howling kiddies.

The performance was just... shit lol. If you ask me, I was just very ungraceful. Dancing in bedroom slippers clothed with fur is just weird... The audio was fucked up cuz the volume was raised to an unbearable level so it sounded quite terrible *facepalms* I'm just thankful I'm not like those thick-faced people who think they can sing but they can't. I know I can't and I just suck at it. Congrats to me for half of TS has heard my screeching *groans* Now I'm just thinking whether should I repair it or just plan a new skit or just plain plan a new project since Jared was complaining how unfair that this costume manage to bag RM1.8k in total for me lol. Cosplaying an 10 year old girl is tiring.

Was looking through cosmetics and fashion stuff. Coach's 2009 Spring collection looks awesome. The bags barely have an ounce of the typical signature Coach look. Sounds like they've run out of ideas or they've hired new deseigners lol. Dior's stuff looks awesome too T_T;; and I'm still silently wishing for my Blooming Bouquet DX The Benefit blusher that some girl used on me was nice >w< but I'm not familiar with Benefit cosmetics. It comes in weird packagings and weird names too =A=;;

I'm just so frustrated now =( Have a picture of a cute me *gets smacked*

Pic credits to Big and Busty. My arm looks so horribly straight.

Now that I have the prize money, I don't know what to do with part of it XD;; I could get any of these:

  • Lisa Watier corrector wheel

  • Definite concealer palette

  • Manly 88 color eyeshadow palette

  • Treat people

  • Keep for Langkawi

  • BB Cream samples

  • Pigments!

Lol greedy me...

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  1. Haha! Goooooooood pile of plundering you got there! XD

    Put "belanja ppl" in t3h list can ah?

    *gets smacked hard" XD