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Monday, March 30, 2009

Rainy Days

That day was one of the days I felt like I was someone. I felt like I've lost connection with everyone. Every time I talk to someone, the conversation somehow just hangs there.... leaving me scratching my head trying to keep things flowing. I just gotta keep reminding myself why did I make this decision that's all.

To forget this whole crappy emo feeling, I must set my goal for the week which is:

To watch Confessions of a Shopaholic ROFL

Saturday was a blessing =) Went to watch The Unborn and regretted it T__T I'll stick to chic movies kthxbai D8 It was funny to see Sylvene's eyes pop out when she saw me "Omg gal... you change so much!" Same goes for Zef when I bumped into him the other day ahahah. I was taking an extra look at him to make sure I'm not gonna say hi to the wrong person. Don't know why he stare at me until I sapa him D:

My phobia for bugs reached to some crazy level >_>;; Is there any word other than terrified? Cuz I think terrified might be an understatement >_> In 1-2 weeks, 3 roaches, 1 cricket and 1 grasshopper appeared. Erm I obviously screamed like crazy especially when when the flying roach appeared ._. this is one of the reasons I haven't packed my things and moved out ;_; what am I gonna do if a roach appears when I'm alone? ;_;

Saw this during the MPH Clearance Sale *giggles*

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