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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello Kitty Tolong Aku

Yesterday was a make up shopping spree at MidValley and I had the chance to visit the MAC Hello Kitty. I've find MAC's past 2 theme's to be a bit out of the box but still ridiculous. The latest theme which is MAC Hello Kitty looked like they just dumped the infamous pink mascot into a bucket of black tar. Nevertheless that didn't stop me from trying their complimentary make up session. I have to say I'm in love with the Hello Kitty lipstick Cute-Ster but it costs a hefty RM63 >__<. Honestly I wouldn't pay more than RM50 for a lipstick but there's definitely a difference in using cosmetic counter products and the ones sold in pharmacies. The color of the MAC lipstick I wore lasted through the whole day eventhough I kept licking my lips.

Throughout the whole event, they had some balloon giveaway sessions. Sad that I couldn't get one >_< but I've pretty much given up at the rate people were pushing. Everyone's fighting for the balloons as though they've never seen one in their entire life. People of all ages both male and female, short and tall, thin and fat all pushing and shoving, throwing their whole lives in for a plastic black kitty-faced balloon filled with helium.

My main reason for going out yesterday was to get Shaun's foundation and pressed powder as his skintone was different. Happy to say I've con another person to worship Bobbi Brown hahaha. Think I gave my review for Bobbi Brown in my last blog but I shall recommend again 8D. Bobbi Brown's products have excellent coverage XD making your skin look flawless. They're much more pricey compared to MAC but I find MAC's foundation dries up quite easily. As for color rage for lips and eyes, I'd suggest you purchase a good eye primer then buy other eyeshadows that are much cheaper.

And yeah with the blackened Hello Kitty in the craze thanks to MAC, I'm reminded of the stupid Hello Kitty song sang by one of our local artists. Again, it sounds quite stupid....

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  1. hahahaahahahhaahahahahahahhaa thank me and guki for telling Shaun to get his own foundation+compact XDDDDDDDD

    what is the range for the Bobbi Brown and MAC cosmetics? I wanna get them, but only after I start working I guess lol