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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Things I Did >w<

Yess my Lamovi brushes came in yesterday and they're awesomely soft!!! Sad thing it they can't fit into my current brush pouch DX but the 3 brushes = RM68 = worth my money! >< Most of the other foundation brushes range from RM80-130 D8 Now I just can't stop molesting them X33333

MPH sale was a flop honestly, most of the prices are slightly higher compared to the distributors sale XD;; Gossip Girl series is cheap though.. RM20 per book and the hot selling Twilight series is cheap but Shopaholic and Cecelia Ahern books range from RM25-29 =w=;;; but I found one of Cecelia's books for only RM9 wahahaha~ I'm guessing it's cheap cuz it's one of the old stock. The new ones have meth covers and mine was glossy but who cares! 8D Got one of Torey hayden's books too cuz I couldn't resist >_< Would recommend her books to those studying child psychology.

And now I gotta take my leave to plan how to embarass myself ><

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