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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life Isn't a Bed of Roses

Recession is a real pain! For those who think my job is just heavenly *looks at Sylvene =P* It's honestly not. It sounds nice cuz that's what I want it to think it is.

Times are hard >__< parents are switching my phone to prepaid D: so I'm now raiding for part-time weekend jobs and signing up for any chance I can get. Guh I'm feeling so weighed down T^T. It's so sad that I can't cosplay and I'm in the cosplay department. Thats just.... SAD =__=

I never thought I would do this in this blog but finally...



  1. i saw my name there!!! wat problem v me wor...>.<

    and u spent too much last time.. now u need to work haRd for ur expenses...

  2. You're the one who wanna switch intern jobs with me 8D

    Though I'm not sure what you're trying to say since I've never revealed my financial expenses to you but I'll just keep your thoughts at mind =P