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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Of Throwing Tantrums and a Little Splurging

Don't you just hate it when everything starts falling apart before an important appointment? =/ For me, my face gives me problems before the important day.... I'm missing Taylors Asaban Fest to nurse my pimples.  Started growing into a cyst during AniManGaki and I've been scrubbing it vigorously over the last 2 days just to break the skin layer so that the pus and blood can come out. Sounds gross but drying out won't work since the pimple is full of blood and I have a VERY important photoshoot next weekend DX.

Then my last visit to my usual Beauty Salon was another nightmare. The beautician was a noob and didn't thread my eyebrows well... it's only been a week but the hairs have already started growing =_= so I have to visit another Salon to get it threaded for my interview on Monday..... I got my underarms waxed as well at my usual salon and to my horror, they changed the wax and did not inform me of the price change! The waxing price increased by almost DOUBLE! I don't think I'll be going back there anymore *sigh* Even the waxing work was shoddy... a bit hard to explain but to put it short, there were still dried bits of wax after my treatment =_=. I was very angry especially since I've been going to this salon since my college days.... but I was in a rush so couldn't throw a tantrum zzzzz.

Anyways..... remember the Guardian voucher I got back in July? Well here's the goodies I bought with it :D

All groceries/necessities :D Got the Watermelon Frost to treat my ulcers on my gums, acne patches hopefully it can help me continue draining the pus out as I sleep, shampoo since I'm almost fresh out. Been wanting to try Schwarzkopf's lower end range that Guardian brings in but only certain Guardian stocks it. This one has been repackaged I think as the previous designs were in red, pink or yellow depending on the hair type. 

A little sneak peak of what I got in the mail on Friday. This is the holy grail of Cosplay foundation :D. I bought the China made ones from the Beauty Expo few years ago but now I thought of giving a try to the original? XD

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