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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution Press Conference @ Empire Hotel

Sorryyyyy T_T I was suppose to be blogging about this last week but I had to juggle a few things and I can't write posts bit by bit each day D: So anyways, I had the chance to cover the Resident Evil press conference and the red carpet event last week thanks to Arisa. I went there as a Media representative on behalf of Newskaki.com.

Friday morning, we had the Resident Evil Press Conference at Empire Hotel, Subang. Due to miscommunication, I was misinformed about the time =_=. I came on time but it sucked that I had to wolf down my breakfast and rush like a mad woman =w=;; Pictures in this post credits to Swing's camera, dammit I'll be super sad parting with it soon T___T

Empire's Ballroom
We were given a press kit along with a First Aid Kit with enough gauze to stuff up our nose incase we nose bleed from seeing Li BingBing. Nah just kidding XD
There was still a bit of time so me and Arisa started adjusting the settings on our cam to prepare for Li BingBing's arrival :D
Picture of the stage with the emcee for the day.
Li BingBing arrived shortly after that and oh gods all hell broke loose with the flashes coming from the army of photogs DX Me and Arisa are left hopeless with our baby kit lens lololol. Below are some of the decent shots saved by slowly counting the timing of the photog's shutters =/
Li BingBing posing with the backdrop. Her dress is sponsored by Gucci
Seated together with the emcee and translator
She spoke mandarin throughout the press conference so thank god for translators! \>A</ She talked about the difficulties during the filming. The film was filmed in Canada and at that point of time, she was filming for another movie in China. Though both parties made a compromise, it was still very tiring for her to travel between Canada and China every few months. She loved how there were many nationalities involved in the production of the film like Russians and Australians.

People also thought she couldn't speak a word of English so imagine their surprise when she spoke a little English XD;; It was a lot easier for her to communicate when she spoke English. She also picked up shooting due to the nature of her character and now she's loving it! So far she's quite satisfied with her role though she wished there were more fighting scenes.

Prior to the filming, she watched all the Resident Evil movies and compared it to the game to study the nature and role that Ada Wong has. She looked into Ada's movements, her body language, her speech hoping at the same time to understand what gamers are expecting. 

One fun fact we found out is that she's Gucci's spokesperson :D so her wadrobe for this 2-day event is sponsored by Gucci~ Next post shall be on the red carpet event :3

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