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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Indulging with Pierre Ledent

If you look carefully... there's a tiny crumb in this pic :P

Look familiar? There's been a bunch of blogger raids going on for this chocolate shop in Bangsar Shopping Centre. I'm not in the bandwagon but I did join their Q&A session during the Merdeka weekend :D

And surprisingly I won!!!! <3
This will be a thank you post to Pierre Ledent and giving the box of chocolate 15 minutes of fame :D. Went to collect prize last week at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Pierre Ledent is located at Jason's Food Hall together with a whole lot more yummies in the middle of Bangsar Shopping Centre (oh noes, my commoner's brain is kicking in! 8D). Honestly I can't stop thinking of Ezel and his gourmet tongue when I stepped into the area.... can picture ChibiEzel running around squealing +_+;;
Pierre Ledent's booth at BSC. Picture taken from Pierre Ledent's Facebook
Pierre Ledent's chocolates are specially flown from Belgium and his handmade recipes uses chocolates from controlled origin and contain 70% cocoa.
Pierre Ledent himself at the BSC outlet :D Picture also taken from Pierre Ledent's Facebook
See the counter there? It's a custom-made sliding counter that stores chocolates and macarons at ready-to-eat temperatures :D
Macarons stored in jewelry cases :D
Packaging for less than 4 pcs :D
Bought myself a couple of macarons too and boy I think these are the most expensive macarons in KL! RM10.90 per piece. Thank you Indra for introducing me to the flavors :D I got myself Violet, Balsamic Vinegar and Strawberry Vanilla. Got you quirking your eyebrow at the mention of Balsamic Vinegar? More about that later in the post XD

My prize from Pierre Ledent :D 5 + 5 chocolates encased in a jewelry box <3
Isa, Diane, Gigi, Amadou and Ecrin
Isa - Caramel Pistachios
Diane - Praline Nuts
Gigi - Praline Nuts
Amadou - Praline Almond-Nuts
Ecrin - Ganache Bitter-Raspberry

Pamela and Calva, the rest are the same as the first tier
Pamela - Ganache Cassis-Pear
Calva - Ganache Calvados-Cinnamon 

I was horrified at first knowing that most of them have nuts. I'm not allergic but I'm just not a fan of chocolates with nuts as most of the chocolates have a big chunky nut right in the middle. To my surprise, the nuts are chopped to mighty fine pieces that they blended well together with the chocolate *O*b
Close up on the pattern for Pamela~
There's jewelry boxes for the pralines depending on the quantity. Price starts from 3 for RM38 :D Next comes the macarons~
Sorry ;_; my mum's a Melamine fan.... so we only have these plates D:
The Balsamic Vinegar cracked cuz it fell on the plate as I tried to get it out of the packet *sniffs* Thank god I was talking to Indra on the phone or else he would've seen my face of pure disgust when he recommended the Balsamic Vinegar flavor XD;; Later on he explained that the vinegar used has been preserved for 25 years so as time passes the vinegar caramelizes so there's no sour flavor.

Violet also nickname Perfume
Was attracted to the beautiful gradient on this macaron *_* This macaron is a combination of wildflowers and blackberries and it is said to taste like perfume in your mouth. I was already picturing the idea of my Dior perfume in my mouth lololol. 

Vanille Fraise
Lastly is the Strawberry Vanilla macaron. I took this as I was very sensitive to the taste of strawberries, especially the artificial flavoring kinds. This macaron turned out to be my favorite and I love the sparkles on the macaron! *gets whacked*

So that's my haul from Pierre Ledent. So sorry for the horrible looking pictures T_T/ Do check out their Facebook~
Facebook: Pierre Ledent Malaysia

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