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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WEVents 2nd Anniversary: Transformation

Last July I entered a contest organized by WEVents for a complete makeover session. Surprisingly I was one of the 10 shortlisted candidates \*w*/. Throughout the month of August, we were arranged to go through grooming and fitting sessions. We were sponsored facial products by Himalaya, a facial session from Mary Chia, fitting session at Parkson where all of us girls were squealing with glee picking clothes, shoes and accessories with our adviser Sam from Inspiring Individuals.

On the day of the event, we were presented to the public for voting to see who had the best transformation. Surprisingly I placed 3rd! \>w</ I honestly never expected to win, I just joined in hopes of picking up some grooming tips. Thanks a lot to WEVents for having this contest and the attendees who voted for me ;_;

All the women there were just gorgeous and I'm so glad to have met them! I got to meet Christy who just gave birth a few months ago but her body doesn't show one bit! Then there's Vanitha, so full of spunk and cracking jokes till my ribs ached XD;;. I met Camie as well surprisingly :D good to see a familiar face <3. And best of all Susee and Khairulbariah who took 1st and 2nd place in the contest :D I tell you those 2 ladies are just so hyper, they make me feel old lolol. Goes to say women age like fine wine I guess XD

Prizes :D
Heeheeee thanks to the sponsors for WEVents 2nd Anniversaty for the prizes *w*
RM500 Stage hamper
Haircut from A Cut Above (just in time too since I was complaining how cosplay is making me too poor to get a haircut lol)
RM100 Parkson gift card (Awesome! Now can buy sports bra! 8D)

Next few entries will elaborate more on the sessions we had with Himalaya, Mary Chia and Parkson :D Till then! *poofs in a cloud of smoke*

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