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Monday, September 17, 2012

Li BingBing's Red Carpet Event @ Sunway Pyramid

After the press conference, Li BingBing had other interviews to attend but she's scheduled to appear at Sunway Pyramid at 7.30. Me and Arisa went to the entrance about 6pm to register ourselves :D

There's already a big crowd waiting for Li BingBing's arrival by 6 o_o
Crowd getting excited as they were giving out merchandise shirts. Too bad we media didn't get any ><
The stage for the night event
Gungho fans :D
Photogs were tweaking their settings from 6.45pm. Here's one of the crew posing for test shots. Ok? Oh yes definitely OK *continues drinking up the view* XD;;
As the night approaches, all the camera men were already on standby waiting. I was already drenched in sweat trying to fight my way between all the big and tall photogs @_@
Opening ceremony started with a group of zombies coming in the performing a dance at the stage area.
Followed by Li BingBing's arrival. Oh gosh I feel so lucky to snap a shot of her looking at me!! *w*b
Really good experience covering this event the last 2 days but I think it will be my first and last XD;;

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