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Monday, September 3, 2012

Not That The Person In-Charge Would Care

Just came back from Anicom. Others were torn between STGCC, AFAID, TAF and Anicom while I only had to decide between TAF and Anicom. Nothing hard really since Anicom is nearer towards my home so I got Jared to go replace me as the judge for TAF (I was someone else's replacement lol). I've heard Jared's rants on TAF but I needed some place to rant because I'm very unhappy on Anicom.

In all my years attending ACG events, I've never seen such an unbalanced team of judges. Not only the judges are new, they lack experience and perspective on things which I think are very vital in judging. At first when I saw the judging panel being announced during the prelims, it occurred to me that all 3 of the judges had no proper stage experience but I just brushed it aside thinking 'oh well maybe the organizer sees something in them'

Dear god how wrong I was.... *facepalms* Thank the bloody gods I didn't join the friggin comp. It'll be a fucking insult to be judged.... Judges (not to be named) gave VERY personal comments. You're a judge, not some fucking VIP, please judge FAIRLY according to the Rules & Regulations and not tell the contestants on YOUR preference.

From what I see, the judges also are not very broad-minded, can't really understand a lot of concepts. They didn't understand the different interpretations of themes. It becomes such a huge weakness for the cosplayers in bringing out their character according to their strengths. Gods I'm just so angry I can hardly form my words!!! I think I'll just stop here....

*huffs, takes a deep breath and snuggles under the covers*

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