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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Part Timing & Animangaki 2012

*crawls back from the dead*

Hope everyone is doing fine after such a long holiday~ I'm still in such a holiday mood >< Last week working for 3 days, this week only working for two since I took 2 days leave to settle stuff heehee XD. Anyways, I got myself a part time job during the Animangaki week. Wish I didn't have to take part time but I feel so broke ever since I have to start paying my PTPTN loan :(.

On Saturday morning, woke up at 8am and head to Animangaki and sold tickets at CF's booth till 1pm. Turns out I mistaken the time my part time started, thought it was 2pm but SMS said 1pm so I rushed to Sunway Resort. Thank gods my part time venue and Animangaki are so close ><

The part time job involved handling the registration counter for a company's annual dinner but before that we had to help set up the counters and prepare the goodie bags. Most of the attendees were directors and managers of large companies and they're horrible when they're drunk! :< but I'll spare you readers from the ranting and show you my favorite part of the job.
This is like the best toilet I've ever seen!!!! There's even a couch for you to sleep lolol. I kept spazzing over the toilet, you must think I'm weird now T_T

Sunday I was at Animangaki the whole day *w*. Half the time I was walking around since I didn't get to explore the event. So happy meeting everyone that I haven't seen for a while but regret not cosplaying, feel so lonely T3T> Anyways here's some pictures of CF at the event :D
CF Booth at Animangaki
Last minute decision to have Khi Jon and Vincent to wear those aprons and hold them hand puppets but the moment they put them on, CF appeal +100! Immediately, photogs came and took pictures of them haha! XD Some even dropped by just to ask whether those puppets are on sale XD;;
How to resist?!?!?! <3
Photo with Shio, Yoke Lai and Kidchan
Pervy emcees peeking into the maid cafe
mmmmm all CF men look so uke when they have those aprons on~
Even pedobear dropped by our booth~
This coming weekend is Taylors Asaban Fest and also Anicom finals. I'll be heading to TAF on Saturday and Anicom on Sunday. Still thinking whether wanna cosplay or not but I'll seeya guys there >w</

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