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Monday, September 10, 2012

WORKING!! On a Saturday

Finally we've finished the super long delayed shoot and it was all worth the wait! I've been planning for the WORKING!! shoot since May. We manage to recruit most of the members (even to the point of improvising which version to do), hijack a whole cafe to ourselves than to Arisa, gathered enough photogs and saikangs. So sad that this anime is very underrated, there's so much potential for shoots and competitions for this series =)

I took a different approach for this shoot. I recruited people who loved the series rather than giving a damn whether their physique can fit the character or not. Instead of planning on the storyboard, this series was more of a casual lifestyle approach so that's one less job for me. We had some hiccups involving Yamada but we still went on with our shoot. So... presenting all kuso photos below :D These are not official photos, it's just photos of our shoot progress~

WORKING!! Photoshoot (8th Sept 2012)

Sota Takanashi - Hitokiri
Popura Taneshima - ChibiNeko
Mahiru Inami - Ping Khoo
Yachiyo Todoroki - Mika
Kyoko Shirafuji - Arisa
Maya Matsumoto - Kiraneko
Satou Jun - Xenon
Souma Hiroomi - Junnie


See Wah

Location: Work & Chill Cafe

Credits to the Work & Chill staff for being so accommodating! <3
Our saikangs that were happily eating and chit-chatting lol. We have our members who know how to teach'em a lesson >D
Helping us to position ourselves according to the reference~
Maya sensing... BL ALERT! LOLOL
Jared: Where's mah spooooonnnn
Souma: Don't make me shove your face in
The Girls Team~ Picture by Fritz Fusion
Guys Team - Picture by Fritz Fusion
That's all I'm sharing for now~ :D


  1. ME RIEK~~~!!! XD
    You da cute POPURA~~~ <3

    the picture of jared and souma...that caption totally made me lol..!! XD

    1. Souma really looks very evil in that pic~ :D Quick post pics from your side!!! XD

    2. aaa....i need to get the pictures from xanthe first...she having the camera....saturday we were in a rush, tak sempat transfer ><