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Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Ventures #2309

Been having conflicting thoughts during the weekend. Between juggling work and other issues along with my car's sudden breakdown last week (that will be another story to be told next time :D) manage to have the weekend to myself attending a beauty workshop and catching up with friends~

Didn't go for the H&M launch cuz I was afraid of the crowd haha. Probably should go next week *w*. Still waiting for reports and blog updates on H&M's opening day, I don't see much hype on my flist and on their FB international page :( So instead of attending the H&M opening day, I went for Guerlain's beauty workshop organized by Hello! magazine :D

It was one workshop I really enjoyed and I'm starting to love all their products! Oh my monies ;A; Thankfully I didn't buy anything, but I don't think I'll be able to hold myself for long T_T especially with the Meteorites + Meteorite Primer set going for RM299!

Had lunch/tea with Jonathan who traveled down from PJ~! Thankew! :D We went to Ben's and shared a meal! Don't get me wrong >A< portions were huge and there's no way I could finish on my own! Foursquare was right.... the service IS terrible lol.

Our Banoffee Sundae :D
He showed me how he made his cigs @_@
Hand making
The other flavors he has.
Did a little bit of retail therapy as well :D I'm having a sudden interest with those long and also chunky collar necklaces.
Long necklace for RM10 at Asian Avenue. I saw the same one selling for RM15 at Offline Boutique lolol. Also  bought a flair work skirt from Cotton On for RM59.90!
Makeup haul for the month of September!
Bought Kiss Me eyeliner since my current one is drying up. It's RM10 cheaper than K-Palette I'm sorry T___T. RMK lipgloss which I got it for RM50 and brand new from Felicia! Mixture of eyelashes that I ordered from May and also the bottom 4 were donations from Belle >w< to test bishie makeup. Lastly the assorted colo I mean eye pencils to test coloring eyebrows!

Dad also just came back from Beijing. In all jakuness be bought back a lot of China snacks. Mooncakes that feel as hard as biscuits lol. On the flight back to KL, he bought some duty-free chocolates which his boss end up offering to pay. 
PATCHIIIIIIIII  Thankew daddy's boss! *o* *kowtows*
Mum doesn't really like it but LESS MEN MORE SHARE! 8D
Quite an eventful week as I looked back at what I'm typing in for the post XD;; Now I feel so much better and ready to fight for this week! >w<b

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