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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tenipuri 100 Kyoku Marathon: My obsession with Hiroki lol

Just finished downloading and watching Tenipuri 100 Kyoku Marathon XD~~~ I am a hardcore Tenipuri fan but there are some things in Tenipuri that I don't follow. Like the live movie and TeniMyu D: somehow seeing silly tennis moves brought to life isn't as good =(. Anyways back to the marathon, the following screencaps are taken from unknownsolution and Tetora's Multiply accounts.

So much nostalgia watching the DVD!!! And the seiyuu's are all so good ;_; 90% accurate to what you hear from their singles. Oh Minagawa Junko you're my idollll \>A</. I could name about 40 songs out of the 100, does that mean I'm not hardcore enough? @_@ Most of the songs I recognize are from the Seigaku cast and Atobe's XD. You do get to see the smaller groups like Aozu, Cap to bin and Hyoutei Eternity oh and also THE MEGANE'S XD

Minagawa Junko~~~
Best seiyuu everrrr >w< she cried while singing Yakusoku. Love, love, LOVE her voice as Ryoma~ XD
Hiroki Takahashi as the VO for Eiji Kikumaru
Oh boy he's so cuuuuutttteeeeeeeeee. Eiji's voice is a lot more high pitched but I still think he did quite a fantastic job during the marathon *_*. He's got cute dimples too <33333 I can't believe he's 32 TAT and still has such an adorable look!!!
Naru & Hiroki, VO's for Takeshi Kawamura and Eiji Kikumaru
This was when they sang Ometto Samba XD Naru is quite cute too *o*~ 

Masaya Onosaka and Kohei Kiyasu as VO for Takeshi Momoshiro and Kaidoh Kaoru
Must not forget this arguing duo *w*. I just had to take this screencap cuz it so reminded me of Momo and Kaidoh's brawls XDXD. This was during Track 45 Otoko no Bigaku with Tezuka Kunimitsu. 
Aozu banzai!!!! ^o^
Almost cried when they sang White Line ;__; their voices are so beautifullllll and I think Oishi should have more singles or character CD's! His voice is honestly very beautiful~

The Meganes XD
Ahh~~~ another group I've come to like after watching the video XD. Consist of 3 members Okiayu Ryoutaro (Kunimitsu Tezuka), Kiuchi Hidenobu (Oshitari Yushi) and Tsuda Kenjiro (Inui Sadaharu). All 3 of them look so good in glasses!!! ;A; so smexy~~~~ especially Okiayu Ryoutarou~ XD so.... I have an extra shot OTL 
I wonder did they style his hair intentionally to look like Tezuka XD
Can't believe he's 50! and hardly any wrinkles booooo damn Japanese >w<

and Tsuda kenjiro looks so geek *o* so INUI!!!! XD He has a very nice singing voice though pity I only heard how good he is from the Anukiji Christmas CD's. Rest of Inui's singles are kinda meh =/ I'm a bit sad that Kiuchi Hidenobu didn't do Oshitari's usual Kansai accent =/
Another shot when they sang Odorimasenka. And yes costume change based on their album! <3
Valentine Kiss!
Valentine Kiss with Sanada, Atobe, Kabaji, Shishido, Ootori and Rikkaidai members. I wish they make all the males have a Valentine Kiss single T_T. For those who listen to Sanada's single, you rmember at the end he went screeching 'KKKIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS'??
Oh yes he did that! HAHAHA XD Kudos Taiten! XDXDXDXD
Another side character that I found awesome is Kuki Kiichi's seiyuu, Eiji Takemoto. For those who don't know, Kuki's from Kakinoku Middle School and appeared during the Tokyo Prefectures. If not mistaken it was the first few episodes like between Ep 10 to 20? But yes there's a few singles of him reciting tongue twisters I found it kinda cool XD
This was when he was reciting about the pajamas hahaha XD;;
That's all the screencaps I gathered. I found Junichi Suwabe looking too gay to comment T_T but as usual his voice was awesome.

Oh wait, last photo~


  1. Hi! Where did you download the entire thing? And how many hours is it? I've been trying to find links but I can't find decent ones. Thanks!

    1. Hello! I ripped it off Youku.com which is like Youtube XD;;

  2. Hey(;

    I've been looking for this for quite some time as well, but when I went onto youku.com like you said, I couldn't find it. [Or maybe it's cause I don't know how to search]

    Anyways~ Is it possible if you could send me the link for it? Or maybe upload it somewhere like mediafire? ^-^