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Monday, March 26, 2012

So We Went To This Scandalous Event

So last week I went to my first ACG event (I guess it could be classified as that? lol) of the year. Decided to do something simple to move around easily. I ghetto cosplayed Shinobu from Junjou Romantica so that I can get the chance to test the eyebrow wax I got from a friend last year.
Pretty boy? 8D *gets whacked*
Oh the wax was a bitch to use orz and I need more bloody practice =( especially on drawing the eyebrows part ugh! 

So back to the event.... this event was honestly very badly promoted.... almost as bad as AFKL with all the anal and self contradicting nitty grits. The fee was ridiculously high and doesn't justify the amount of activities lined up for the event. The location was ridiculously far, about 40-50km from KL =A=. By now you'd probably be wondering why did I bother to haul my ass to the event when it already sounds so bad. Well.... I was just curious since this event had a certain theme to it. 

Event was quite small, about 120ppl max that attended? I'm not sure. We went 2 rounds around the area and then started rotting from boredom XD;;
So bored that we camwhored
Good thing was, it was easier for me to catch up with friends this event was small. There were shota butlers bringing food into the hall to sell. The food was also not bad and reasonably priced which was a plus for me. I didn't get to eat the food cuz they were sold out by the time I was hungry T_T such a pity.... They had sandwiches, cupcakes and ONIGIRIIIII >(

Those who were bored and had nothing to do brought and shared scandalous material =D I hope those pages aren't where the excitement starts XD;;;

By the time we reached home, we were so dead tired. Boredom really saps a lot of energy.... =3= Now working towards the photoshoot in which I need to get rid of my proximity issues asap OAO

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