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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kerching kerching kerching!

Oh yea, that would be the sound of money flying out from my bank account T_T. March is all about paying for stuffs orz. I have 4 costumes to pay for all within this month. 1 for Sawachi, 2 for RAGE and 1 for CF. Yes it's a little early to be paying for CF costumes but tailors are getting so many requests that I had to pay early to secure my spot =( On top of that I've been buying more clothes!
Asymmetrical fad!
I don't know how but I ended up with THREE asymmetrical skirts. Oh yes now I remember, the skirts were on 50% discount! So yes, GET!!! XD;; Now I'm selling off the black skirt cuz I've got another 3 black skirts in my closet. 

Been combing through vintage sites looking for a vintage dress I could wear too :3 Finally found one from Cute Granny Vintage Do check out their site as they have many interesting vintage dresses =D
The dress I got
Consider it office wear! hoho~ 

Then just yesterday I went to Uniqlo to hunt black jeans for one of my characters. Uniqlo marks down their old stock for jeans but they don't announce it so it's your luck if you find any XD My first pair of jeans was about RM79.90 after 3 weeks of hunting. Most of the jeans marked down are size 21-23cm =A=;; and I'm about another 1-2 sizes bigger (oh fatty me T_T) 

Lucky me, I found a pair of black jeans marked down at RM69.90 *o*~ and it fit me~ hehe~ When the cashier scanned the code, the price appeared was RM49.90 OAO!!! So lucky~~~ I still had to top up another RM10 for alterations but that's okay~ It's still a hell lot cheaper~~~~
Meet Ms Bootcut Jeans~
Very happy with my purchases and hope this is the last for the next 2 months!!!! I gotta start saving for my new Blackberry >< Shall spend the last few hours of the weekend locked in my room with my BL manga's and Chatime.

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