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Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Day Countdown!

It's a week before RAGE and I have so many things to do! In both office and home. I'm choked up to my neck that I bring my work home >_< so will have to juggle office work and my personal stuffs this week ;_;. Workplace is a landmine for the next few weeks, any wrong move and KABOOM! I'm praying nothing goes wrong this week ><

As for RAGE, settled accommodation and transport months ago when it was announced =D. For cosplay plans... I'm cosplaying from the series Working! for both days. Can't be bothered to make some complicated-epic-and-can't-move costume.

Day 1
I'm not manly enough!!!!
Suppose to cosplay Yamato-buchou from Prince of Tennis *sigh* but my face isn't mature enough so....

Executing plan B. Meeting the seller to collect my costume tomorrow hehe. Wig is a last minute order, hope it arrives by Friday haha or else I'm cosplaying myself for Day 1 lol.

Day 2
Collecting costume on Friday. Need to give the wig a cut, hopefully on Tuesday. Need to find cute hairpins too OAO which I hope to accomplish on Friday and double check whether I have knee length socks. Last minute visit to the print shop to see how fast would it take to make a hardcover book >_<.

PS: Oh my bad, it's a 6 day countdown? =P

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