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Sunday, March 11, 2012

So I Went Shopping Again *facepalms*

This was suppose to be another Tenipuri spazzing posts but I'll spare you all by showing more pictures of my impulse purchases this week *facepalms*
Not my purchase but these are souvenirs my dad got from Japan. These are handicrafts made by the blind and deaf in Japan so thought of sharing them :3
Looks like Rotiboy bag XD
First impulse purchase lol! Pipit Zakka Store brought in a series of handmade Batu Seremban (which is sold out in a matter of 3 days WTF!). They were released on Thursday and now completely sold out the heck! I dropped by the store on Friday and there were only 3 left. I was hoping to get my hands on the green set and end up....
Black set >w<
Only the black, yellow and purple set were left =( Ah wells at least I got my hands on a set for my own ><. The Five Stone set came in a pretty canvas bag with instructions printed on brown paper lolol Presentation: A+
Them pretty cloth patterns~
Went material hunting with Valkyrie and Shirae today. We walked through the usual Bunga Reben and Kamdar first then Shirae introduced us to high class fabric shops with cloth cost as high as RM300 per meter OAO;;;; Lots of pattern cloth available there, very suitable for baju kurungs XD Thankfully I cleared about 50% of my cosplay stuffs so I wasn't looking for anything. 

Whole day I thought I won't be spending on anything except food and travel but I was dead wrong TAT. We always bound to spend when there's cash in our pockets OTL. I dropped by Nature Republic to stock up on my acne stickers but sadly they were out of stock so the sales assistant introduced me to some ampoules and aloe vera gel for irritated/acne skin.
Oooooh look what followed me home! T__T
Total for both items is about RM70 T_T and I'm really not happy with my impulse purchase *sobs* so these products better work!!! 

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