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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Hurraw Sun and Moon Lip Balms

Last I used to lipbalm was when LipIce started producing flavors like crazy. I'd see 2-3 range for Mentholatum with 6-7 flavors each. Now I;m back to using lip balms again for so many reasons. It first started after my terrible experience with Proactive products. It dried my skin terribly and my lips weren't sparred. My lips were so badly chapped that it hurts when I smile. I could feel those layers of skin being stretched to the limit and at one point it bleed. My Crazy Rumors Coffee Lip was missing and I was desperate since my dry lips were interfering with my sleep.

Googled and looked around LowYat for a while and came to the usual Crazy Rumor or Hurraw Lip Balm treatments. I was curious on Hurraw for their Sun and Moon lip treatments. Price was 2x compared to the lip balms available at our local drugstores but hey, they're lip treatments right? Glanced through their ingredients list and looked up some reviews. Most of them were singing high praises about the product. Guess who's singing next? =P

Yes I got both =P and no regrets!
These 2 babies cost a hefty RM60 in total. Yes, ouch all right >_o but like I said, no regrets =) Each Hurraw tube is handmade with raw, organic materials with no preservatives. Their core ingredients include almond oil, coconut oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil and candelilla wax.

SPF 15 Sun Balm
We love the Sun.  It's amazing.  We believe limited, smart exposure is actually pretty o.k. for the skin.  But for those long exposure times, our SPF 15 Sun Balm will give your lips the extra protection they need.It glides on silky smooth (and virtually clear) like our regular balms but we formulated it to be extra thick and creamy for longer staying power while out in those shining rays!  Juicy Tangerine and calming Roman Chamomile extract make it super delish for your lips.  Did we mention it is packed full of amazing cold pressed oils to moisturize, protect and heal your lips?Red Raspberry Seed oil: Exceptionally high in tocopherols, this lovely oil nourishes the lips, is anti-inflammatory and proven to help in the absorbance of the Sun's rays.  
Sea Buckthorn oil: Super rich and off the charts in essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols, and phytosterols which are great for healing sun-damaged lips.
Pomegranate Seed oil: Deeply penetrating and an anti-oxidant powerhouse; remarkable for the outer epidermal layer of the lips.We use non nano Zinc Oxide in our Sun Balm.  Zinc Oxide is the only all natural, broad spectrum (blocks both UVA and UVB) sun screen available today.  Zinc Oxide is a mineral.  It protects your lips by sitting on top of them and thus, provides a physical barrier against UVA and UVB rays.  It actually deflects the rays away from the skin to prevent any harm.  For adequate protection it must be applied often.As an interesting side note, to get our SPF 15 factor verified, our balm was laboratory tested on...Humans!  

Moon Balm

A good night's sleep can be the best thing ever.  It's even better when you have lip balm on!  We have been using our Moon Balm Formula for years and thought other lip balm lovers would dig using a Night Treatment Balm as well.
Extra thick, creamy and rich; this balm has some serious staying power. The Vanilla and Peru Balsam scent will lull you to sleep.  Azulene packed Blue Chamomile lends a gorgeous green-blue color and soothes your lips for some true beauty z's!Check out what it's packin'...Avocado Oil: Thick and vitamin rich, exceptionally high in Vitamins A & E.  Highly recommended for sensitive and problem lips; rich in essential fatty acids.Rosehip Seed Oil:  Combats dry lips and has amazing anti-aging and rejuvenation properties.  Proven to regenerate skin, reduce scars, knock out wrinkles and UV damage.Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Amazing moisturizing and rejuvenating capabilities. Loves to adhere to lips making it a great assistant in preventing night time moisture loss. Argan oil:  Berber women Fair Trade harvest this amazing oil while the profits go back into preserving the argan forests. Super restorative; perfect to use at night!

Both balms work wonderfully! I honestly have absolutely no complaints about this. Both balms glide smoothly on my skin. I use the Sun Balm in the day and the Moon Balm after my shower. Both have good staying power and I've tried it. Ate my lunch a few times with the lip balm application and it's still there~! I can't vouch on the Night Balm scent lulling me to sleep since I don't really have problems sleeping but yes I'm in love with both balms~ They glide on so smoothly, smells so great (pssst the Sun balm smells of SUGUS! XD;;), good staying power and solve my chapped lips problem =)

I really used them like crazy since after the proactive incident, I came down with a fever and cold so both my lips and throat were so dry that I kept waking up every 2 hours just to drink some water =/. Now my lips are chapped cuz of the new clay cleanser I bought is drying out around the lip area (wtf face banyak problem). 

So yes conclusion? Very expensive and satisfying purchase lol~ If you're interested in ordering some Hurraw Lip Balms, you can get it from Makeover Now 

More information about Hurraw Lip Balms is available on their main website :3 http://www.hurrawbalm.com/hurraw/index.php

*goes apply the Night Balm before bed*
Nights! 8D

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