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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Evolved! Welcoming My New Phone 8D

For those who have me on FB and Twitter would know that I just got my new phone yesterday :D. The most amazing part is that I sold my previous Blackberry 9700 and bought a new one all in 24 hours lolol. Nao RT-ed about someone wanting a BB urgently with a budget of RM800. I've been mulling over getting a new one but not sure what to do with my 9700 so decided to take the gamble and sell it XD;; The condition was, I had to pass it immediately OAO;; so I didn't have time to say bye to my baby ;3;. After thinking about the time I need to backup my stuff and the condition of the items, I sold it at a price slightly higher than the market price in LYN.

Some people say I'm cheating but let me describe the condition of my 9700 to you 8D

  • No paint chips or scratches on the phone
  • Unopened earphones
  • All plastic for the wires, adapter, battery and phone still intact
Other than the privacy screen, my phone looks almost bloody brand new '__'. I've seen BB users with their phone of 1-2 years and the phone is in terrible condition >_> so yes I place high value on my phone. Most importantly, as long as both parties are happy, it's good >w<b.
My new phone :D
Yesterday popped by DiGi and got myself a BB Torch 9810. I've been debating with myself so long between the Bold 9900 and this. The Bold is a lot more convenient without the sliding pad but the screen is so small and camera with no autofocus (seriously RIM, WHY of all things no autofocus wtf D8) while the BB Torch is much heavier and looks a lot more fragile compared to the Bold. Hope I can take care of this new phone hehe~ 

I noticed RIM didn't include the handphone pouch for the Torch so my phone shall be temporarily naked D: and the CD for the desktop software not included too =3=;; For a user like me who only has Streamyx, it's torturing for me to DL the file online D: 

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