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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Raub We Go

Had a trip to Raub with colleagues last weekend. It was suppose to be a casual trip but turned into an office photography trip lol. I've been delaying this post cuz there's tons of pictures ;_; We left KL at 7am and arrived at Raub around 9am. From here onwards, it'll mostly be a picture post.
Breakfast at one of the oldest coffee shops. This shop has a history of more than 80 years.
Fried Wan Tan
Johnny's noodles
Curry Mee
Steamed bread with butter and kaya~ Nyam~
Very cute cat >w<
Food was so-so. I'm surprised to see that there's Indian workers in a Chinese coffee shop instead of Indonesian workers. I'm not being racist >w< it's just unusual to me. After breakfast, it was sight seeing around Raub.
A cat trying to catch a butterfly
There's Isetan in Raub too! =D
Walking around one of Raub's lakes
There's even a romantic dating spot~
Visited the lotus pond.
A lotus, an almost perfect bloom >w<
Brunch was a durian session at Johnny's house.
Lunch at Restoran Ratha, popular for their Curry Fish Head. Poorly taken photo cuz I was in the middle of the road.
Fried Chicken~
Pot of goodness. Curry fish head with vegetables and tofu~
I'm the last person you'd wanna take to eat Indian food cuz most of their food doesn't agree with me >w<. I don't know how to eat Curry Fish Head so I picked out the vege and tofu. The fried chicken was a little dry and tough for me but I think it's the Indian style cuz that's how I find the chicken to be in the Indian stalls I eat at.
Our next stop, Bukit Koman which is located a few kilometers from Raub.
The yellow things look like birds sitting on the flowers XD;;
Our final stop, the groundnut factory.
Where we started stocking up on our year supply of nuts.
They gave us a tour in the factory to show how the nuts were processed but it was in Mandarin ;__; Even though Johnny and Fiyond translated but it still felt like lots of details are missing >_<. This visit was a good workout for me cuz my legs caved in a they were cramped for 3 days!

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