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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mixture of Good and Bad

My day hasn't been going well since Sunday. I had trouble with my orthodontist as they keep demanding more money from me =_=. I returned my fallen tooth bracket in exchange for a band (a bracket stuck onto a band that will be around your tooth). They've never charged me for the past 2 bands but they suddenly demanded RM50 for this wtf..... Then the stupid dentist trimmed by teeth and he accidentally trimmed my fucking gums too... shit that hurt like a bitch...... Best part? He said it was probably the sucker (something to suck out all the nonsense in my mouth) that touched my gums and maybe my gums were so sensitive so they bled. What fucking bullshit is that?!? It was bleeding for a good 5 minutes and I still tasted blood when I left the place!!!

Now I'm looking to see if there's any orthodontist who's willing to take half-done cases. Of course I'm expecting  them to charge too and I'm willing to pay rather that sticking to the orthodontist who keeps demanding money when I've already fully paid the agreed amount.

Then few nights ago, I dreamed about that unforgivable bastard. Every time I dream about him, my mood goes down to the bottomless pit for god knows how long. I hate this so much...... I still pray so hard that he'll fuck up and be miserable for the rest of his life. Or maybe I can accidentally run over him on the highway and watch his guts spill on the road.

By now, there's a few things that's keeping my mood up.... my wigs has arrived and I'm expecting my skirt some time next week but the best part? PUSHEEN PLUSHIE IS OUTTTTTTT =D

Pusheen is a Claire's 14 year old cat and pretty much one of the 'mascots' in EverydayCute. Pusheen has her own Tumblr too =D and recently they released Plusheen~ (Pusheen + Plushie) XD;; which is available at HeyChickadee.com. More good news? The plushies are going for USD$19.99 only for this week!!! <3 Gwen and I have gotten ourselves one each 8D She'll be bringing my Pusheen up in June~!
Go check it outtt <3

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