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Monday, April 11, 2011

Raiding The Meat Experts @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

Yeah~! On Saturday, the whole geng went to redeem our vouchers at The Meat Experts. MyDeal.com.my has a deal 50 % OFF Cash Voucher for ANYTHING from the Deli or the Menu for only RM35 instead of RM70! So of course I made calls around and pestered them to buy >w<b 1107 vouchers sold out in 12 hours! I'm glad I got mine quite early 8D.

We decided to eat at TME for dinner. Thank god I made a reservation instead of walking in. The place was kinda small with only around 10-20 tables in the restaurant.
The front of the restaurant.
Me and Jared arrived first so we went up to the counter. Immediately the girl told us 'sorry we're full' WTF At least ask us if we made any reservations (Aha~ and lucky we did!). Their menu is not really extensive because the price of the meat differs. You could order mains like pasta or ribs in the menu or opt for a more customized plate by picking a a selection of meat from the deli. Price is based by grams and type of meat. There's also cooking charges of RM2 for every 100g.
Oh Jared drowned in the picture as he browses through the deli! @A@
The meat rack~
The cheese section!
Jared's TME Ribs served with a healthy dose of salad and mashed potatoes. A bit difficult for me to eat but the rest say it's really nice!
Justin's Parmesan Pork with mashed potatoes and vege. Tasted like breaded meat to me, nothing special really. I love the mashed potatoes though 8D or Ezel calls it, fluffed potatoes.
The cold cut platter recommended by the chef. A selection of cold meat based on the chef's recommendation. Problem is, we don't know which is which except for the Pistachio Ham.
I insisted on a plate of salad much to Ezel's dislike 8D. My Caesar Salad of garden greens, topped with cheese, salami and so-called-croutons. Dammit that's bread not croutons!!!! T_T
Jared and my selection of meat from the deli. Yes, bacon is a must!
We all had a problem trying to find out which sausage is which orz. The extra hot sausage didn't end up being extra hot D8. The most it did was just to irritate my ulcer ._.
My only regret is not ordering the Honey Glazed Ham and the cheese platterrrr dammittt!!!! T_T Thank you MyDeal for this awesome coupon! I have enough meat to last for the month XD;; 

The Meat Experts
G15-16 Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Center
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 6205 2577
Website: Here
Facebook: Here

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