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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Puma Social Club Night

Got a late invite from Silvy on this. I was very interested to go at first but the more details I got, the more reluctant I was to go since I perceived that it would be another typical drinking and partying event. Since Silvy was going,I thought why not? I can always go dine at the restaurants around there if I'm uncomfortable with the place. We had dinner at a nearby mamak before heading to the venue.
Silvy struggling with the macaroons.
Macaroons from Nathalie's Gourmet
Thank you Silvy for sharing her macaroons with meeeee T_T After getting to know the place for over a year, I finally got a taste of the macaroons and indeed they were so delicious and one step above all the other placed that sell macaroons!!!! TAT

The PUMA Social Clum Tour initially started at Palete Pallette and made pit-stops at Monkey Bar, Penang and Cafe Roost Juice + Bar, Johor before making its way back to Kuala Lumpur as a platform for sport enthusiasts to gather to play fun sports and games together. This time, the Puma Social Night is held at Black Box, Map @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas.
Me and Silvy arriving too early >A<
After we registered, we were given a press kit and a PUMA Social Card. The objective is to collect as many stamps by competing with an opponent ovr a game of sports or participate in the games. The number of stamps differs depending on whether you win or not and who your competitor is.
Inside the club. Foosball and mini ping pong.
The normal sized table is available too =D
We can pick our bat sizes too =D
The place was quite empty at the beginning so both of us took on a game of Ping Pong on the mini table and boy we sucked! I think my legs had a good workout chasing after the balls XD;; We went to the VIP area to get some drinks and have a rest. Guests were all served cold Hineken beers and cocktails with some light refreshments. Unfortunately I couldn't see what they were since the place is so dark T_T.
Bacardi for show! lolol
The crowd starting to flood in.
By 10pm, the whole place started to get crowded. In fact.... the VIP area is more crowded that the normal area so me and Silvy decided to step out and chat instead. There were stage games conducted by Ben and Phat Fabes, DJ's of the FlyFM Pagi Show where all the contestants will get goodie bags for their pariticipation. Damn I should've joined but the place got so crowded ;A; Guests also had a chance to play with some of the stars of the event such as DJs Hackeem, Anowl, Droolotte Tasha and Biggie, Rina Omar, Zain Saidin and many more in exchange for points on their scorecard.
Ben and the contestants. They had to model the items, women style! XD
Saw a super large ping pong bat at the last minute!
I had to make an early move by 12 since I'll be heading to Raub early in the morning =( Just as the emcees were about to start the finale of the event. Nevertheless, I still had a fun time =D but I can never fully enjoy this event since I'm never the party girl XD.

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