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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Package from Lancome~

For those who are on my Facebook, you've seen me spazzing about the latest addition to my accessory stash :3 Now, after sending it for shooting (friend has a better camera =P) I can finally show you what I got~! \>w</. Lancome had a Snap & Win competition where all you had to do is pop by your nearest Lancome counter and request for a makeover. Then snap your picture before and after then email it to Lancome.

I got to know about it on the last day of the competition and they had 10 Sereni & Shentel hairbands to give away! How could I just let the chance slide =D. I had been curious to own a S&S hairband myself to examine why is it so bloody expensive ;w;. So on the last day of the competition, I rushed to the Lancome counter at MidValley and had my Miracle Maqui makeover~!
My submission~
I loved the result from the foundation! My acne scars are almost completely covered and the redness on my T-zone is gone, gone, gone! This is a perfect foundation for me to wear to work as it's very light, I almost forgot I was wearing foundation when I wiped my face with a tissue.

I got to know that I was one of the winners last Tuesday. You can imagine my excitement of finally owning a Sereni & Shentel hairband after stalking their site for months~! XD The package finally arrived on Thursday, very fast! *_*b
The beautiful package~!
Each Sereni & Shentel hairband comes with a car card, dust bag and a hard cover catalogue~
French Kiss in Pink by Sereni & Shentel. Photo from Audrey's cam.
My brand new wig wearing it~
This hairband is the most hardest thing I've photographed D8 There's just no right angle for it! T_T so these photos are one of the best ones. Thank you Lancome and Sereni & Shentel for having this contest~! You guys made me a very happy girl~

Do visit Sereni & Shentel's website and see their candy coloured hairbands~ Sereni & Shentel Website

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