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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Horrors of Impulsive Buys *stones*

I walked out of Jusco, stoning at my most recent purchase *sniffs* I'm so surprised at how quickly I said yes for this promotion ;w;

Assata Acne Scar Serum. Voted as ‘Best Scar Serum’ by CLEO Beauty Awards 2008. Soften skin texture while it rescues and repairs skin tissues, scar marks and irritated sensitive skin with this award winner.

This baby costs RM158 and it comes with a lot of freebies~ For RM158 you get:

  1. Assata Ance Scar Serum 15ml

  2. 4 facials

  3. 1 shoulder massage

  4. 1 eye treatment

  5. 1 neck treatment

  6. 1 eyebrow shaping

I don't need the eyebrow shaping D8 but yeah the salon is at Taman Maluri which is VERY convenient =D For those interested in the offer, their booth is at the Jusco Wellness pharmacy until the end of this week if not mistaken.

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