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Friday, November 27, 2009

Karaoke and Enju

Don't mind me if my entries seemed very scattered lately. I've been handling too many things at one go I couldn't focus entirely on making a proper entry. I like keeping my blog as updated as possible =/. Today marks the day I end my FYP shit 8D. I submitted my final draft today which means no more changes =D. After submission, I joined Sylvene and Zef at Green Box in Sungei Wang. 1pm to 4pm for only RM10, I'm so gonna miss my student privileges once I graduate *sigh*.

Free flow of snacks and drinks plus endless emo songs and screaming.

After karaoke, I met up with my parents to eat at Enju Japanese Restaurant as Citibank cardholders get 40% off XD. Honestly among everything we ordered (the usual udon, soba or chicken katsu don) the most worth thing to eat there is their Unagi Don (RM45)

So much unagiiiiii *screams*

I ordered some soba which tasted like char kuey teow =A= it was a huge disappointment that's for sure. I believe the food at Enju is nice if only I ordered from the other sections like the grilled secion (there was cod and pike fish there). I saw a table that was eating one of the fish dishes and the portion is huge enough for 3 average eaters to consume. I took plenty of pictures but decided not to post it as most of them have a yellowish hue.

Next entry is on Carven Ong spazzing and Christmas Deco

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