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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Week Filled with Procrastination

Uncle Procrastination refuses to leave me but work is getting by slowly. My whole week is sorta wasted stalking the Sesame Street characters. Particularly Cookie Monster and Elmo XD, I think I spent 2 days looking at the Cookie Monster videos on Youtube. In between there I also played Cafe World and brought my parents Singaporean friends around KL. Psst the only reason I'm doing it is cuz I get to nomnom food~

On Monday we went to Madam Kwan to eat their Nasi Bojari and Wednesday we traveled to Teluk Gong, Klang for some seafood: Tomyam Coconut Prawns, huge and heavy Lala, Crabs cooked sweet and sour style and another cooked with salted egg. I know I've mentioned a lot of pictures and you're probably screaming for pictures. here's the thing: there are no pictures! I forgot! teehee~

After dinner at Klang, we parked at North Point and kicked my parents there while me and Jared watched Time Traveler's Wife. Think this is the latest we've gone out for a movie together XD. Talked a lot and stared a lot XD which brings me to Crabtree and Evelyn! They have the best gift sets hands down! *squeals* Most of the Crabtree and Evelyn outlets are promoting 2 main gift sets but I'm very interested in one particular set 8D.

The Evelyn Rose Deluxe vanity Case set XD~ Comes with a 5 piece Evelyn Rose bath and body luxuries~ The vanity case is love <3 I'm horribly in love~ <3

Sheeeeeeep can't stop staring at this whenever I pass by the shop XD A whole collection of sheep sold in Lovely Lace.

Jared wants 2 of these in his car! XD and I don't support looking at how much trash there is in his car, these poor sheep will turn grey by New Year!

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