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Thursday, November 26, 2009

*throws confetti*

Wohoo I'm done with me thesis! All that's left is the submission~ =D and burning the CD. Today me and Sylvene decided to celebrate by using our facial vouchers XD. We purchase RM88 vouchers a few weeks ago which entitles us to receive a face treatment worth RM288 + RM50 cash voucher + mystery gift!

The salon is located on the first floor of Subang Parade.

Remember this puppy from months ago? XD Yep it's the same place *_*b

We were treated to deep cleansing, extraction and a double mask which felt really minty and cooling! Sadly they don't sell it to customers. Oh yes not to forget the short shoulder massage and pressure point which is not really my thing DX This is one salon I would definitely recommend as they take all their sweet time to extract all the blackheads out. After the treatment, they lead us to the consultation table and briefed us on the products used, no sales push which is another plus point =D

The result: No it's not from my face >D but it definitely came from someone lol

My gifts, a serum and eye cream since my skin showed some irritation when I applied the sun block and moisturiser.

The most epic row of signboards everrrr. Took the picture at one of the roads near Subang Parade

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