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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clean Slate!

Today is the day of the CleanStart launch =D! NZX is a horribly dead place wtf thank god we weren't lost. I'm full of regret for not dragging Jared into the event. I should've pestered and kidnapped Audrey as well D8. Good venue, good food, good goodie bags! *squeals*

The food! Served: Tuna sandwich with oh so much fillings~, spaghetti cream based, black pepper sausages, deep fried fish fillets and various cakes for dessert.

Super awesome goodies!

Yes they gave this to EVERY participant of the launch @A@. There's a T-shirt and it's S size. I pity the rest if they received the S size shirts too cuz they're baby tees and a little tight on me @A@, imagine it on the aunties or other girls. 2 Complimentary passes from TGV XD, samples from Dermalogica and a trial pack of Clean Start!

Dermalogica travel size set that consists of cleanser, toner and moisturiser plus a sample pack of 4 to combat ageing skin.

Finally, the travel sized pack of CleanStart 8D which is worth RM188. So happened I asked the price of the trial set and they were selling this very set omg.

I can die happy for today~~~~ :3 Thank You AsterSpring and Jared! *O*/


  1. skin care product so important to care for our skin

  2. how come u never ajak me wan ;A;