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Monday, November 9, 2009

Moar Shoppingggggg


The word itself is like heaven to our ears 8D. The best way to divert the stress from our hearts to our pockets~ Haul for today cost RM140 and it's not for me ;_;. Went shopping in Sungei Wang as I was looking for something in Harajuku style but my sense of fashion is entirely different so I bought something totally different @__@

Boots for RM45

This fur jacket or vest for RM30

Effing tight miniskirt for RM19.90

I've never spent so much on a shirt before. RM39.90 for this baby but the quality isn't so bad I suppose and I like the prints =D


  1. apahal furry jacket so exp? I got mine for RM25 for the same thing

  2. remember wear it at webnesday!!! ^^

  3. thats nice bootsss!!! usually dont come in sizes i can wear ;A;

  4. ;w; I should've pinjam from you cuz I'll never wear this kind of thing ;w;

  5. haha this one was on 50% discount XD Original price RM90. Not sure if they have in your size but they have it in size 35-37 so far cuz I asked for those sizes XD

  6. then when you wear this set of clothes? :P