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Monday, August 25, 2008


Okay I think I read too much BL. It made me wonder... how does a guy confess to another guy when he doesn't know whether the guy is errr gay or not @@?

Went for my dentist appointment and got lost. I somehow ended up at The Curve =_=;; thank gods for signboards. I was practically swerving to get back on the LDP. Dr Subra said I'm adjusting to the braces quite well and they're gonna pull out 2 teeth on the next visit DX I'm leaving the molds at pale light blue since it looks quite sweet compared to the rest of the colors I've tried so far. The 2 brackets that kept falling off will be kept for now.

It's exactly 2 weeks to my finals and as usual I'm too lazy to study T__T I'll prolly tackle those CRM questions tonight and make sure I get the formulas right. As for CT, I know I'm a definite goner for the subject, most of us are being pushed badly and yet we're barely scraping enough to pass the subject. If this semester is gonna affect my results to apply for my internship, I'm doomed T_T.

I seek company badly unfortunately the 2 people that I've been relying on, aren't around often enough to fulfill the urgency. Others are located to far and I've practically given up hope in joining them for anything since my access to the car is limited... I really do wish the chains around me will be snapped of anytime soon... Here's to hoping that the time will come.

Note: Sell nDS, PS2 and Pink Wig. Fix the eyebags.

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