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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too Much Till You Need a Roll of Film

Well, I've been hanging out too much that karma decided to pay me back sadly. Details of my lepak session shall not be spared as I've forgotten about half of it. My coursework marks were not very satisfactory so I'll be really pressured for my finals that's for sure. I finally decided to sell off my nDS Lite and PS2 after so long. Manage to strike some good deals now all that's left would be a checklist.

  • Reset my online banking pass.

  • Order the wigs.

  • Test the PS2.

  • Thursday: Grab the finals tips from classmates.

  • Hit the books.

  • Keep a large amount of hot chocolate and snacks in the cupboard.

  • Friday: Collect student bill and student slip

Snack shopping will have to be done in early September as I'm super dead broke. It's a miracle I manage to survive with my allowance especially since I've been going for so many warehouse sales.

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