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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Robot Lurve and Dairy Cravings

Yeah! Went to watch Wall-E finally! A big mistake for not booking as it totally slipped my mind that school children are on holidays. This shows how much I ignore the existence of my sibling haha. Halfway queueing for tickets when the announcer cut off our conversation by announcing that the 2pm tickets were cleaned out. I started panicking as he said the 2.45pm show is highlighted in yellow but lady luck was shining on us XD. As we were looking through the seatings, the lady asked us whether we could chill for 2 mins as the reserved seats are about to be cancelled 8D! So in the end we got quite nice seats *_*

Awesome movie I gotta say *o* though some minor things in there are questionable. Cockroaches shall surviveeee =_=, what a way to spoil such a romantic moment orz. I almost cried during some scenes ;_;

Someone evil was banning me from milk the whole day =_=;; milkshakes.... gelatos... ;_; I had some nice porridge for lunch though =D but really craving for a milkshake DX. Tomorrow, time to shop shop shop! At my mums expense thankfully.

Graphic items not finished orz. Halfway doing some, need to make another 5 more I think.... or 4.... Ganba to me T__T

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