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Friday, August 29, 2008

Pissed to the MAX

It's amazing I haven't killed her yet. She expects me to ajust MY time to make HER life convenient. Christ, when you need a favor from people, you're suppose to adjust YOUR time and not the victim's. It doesn't help one bit when someone asks you to swear less. That's like the last thing to expect from a pissed person. I am not shaping myself to make people happy. Can't accept it, then just fuck off.

People are starting to make things difficult for me. Shit keeps piling in that why I gave an MC to myself from blogging =w= Now onto some spazzing!

I found Shugo Chara merchandise!!! TAT Gosh if only the shipping doesn't kill TAT Shugo Chara Eggs sold individually as well buy they're $25 each and shipping is $9 I think just for ONE egg. Amu's bracelet that Kairi gave her! It comes together with a diary but I'm only interested in the bracelet! Lastly is.... HUMPTY LOCK!!! OMG!!! I didn't think it would be out!!!! *squees!* Someone pls order this for me!! I'll pay! *O* ANYONE??? Damn just saw that the user won't ship internationally *cries*

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