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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Catching Up

Errr..... morning.... haha I just woke up from a 6 hour nap. Couldn't take it anymore since I've only slept for 2 hours for the past 48 hours or so. Forgot to switch on the aircon so now my legs are covered in mosquito bites otherwise I would've been asleep until the next morning T^Tb Having the room super chilly with me under warm blankets and my cold bolster pressed against my cheek~ it's heaven~ ^3^

Work was super rushed despite me arriving on time and at an early hour. Trust me, it wouldn't be like this if they organize their work properly and DO NOT WATCH CHINESE DRAMA WHILE DOING WORK WTF. They told me there's tons to be done but look at how they're doing the work... but thank god the horror has passed and the next one is coming.

Lunch, I could say was a bit disappointing. We ate at some newly opened restaurant, Fireman. The name doesn't come from its food though. The restaurant mainly serves Steamboat BBQ and we ordered the set that was SUPPOSEDLY fit to fill 6 people but the four of us weren't full after the meal. It was a bit difficult handling the bacon as it kept sticking on the pan no matter how much lard we had. The cabbage was endless... There was a performance halfway through the meal, some fire eater was dancing and shaking his hips like some gay rofl.

Been on Eye Shield 21 marathon these few days, at episode 90 for now *_* where they enter the Cream Puff Tournament, what a name... So far my favorite character is definitely Shun Kakei from Poseidon \*_*/ His dark blue hair with aquamarine eyes are so mesmerizing~ *_* Sena is quite likeable too eversince he revealed himself *O* and slowly getting mature along the way.

Someone suggested me to keep my hair and style it like my current display pic, I wouldn't mind since my curled ends are annoying but truth be told, I'm not keen on super straight hair. I love wavy hair cuz it looks much more alive to me lol.

And now I shall continue sleeping 8D.

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