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Friday, August 22, 2008

Lepak Rush

The new Hyundai i10 looks like a Savvy to me but there are a few features that I like. Firstly would be the gearbox! It's located in front so the driver won't bump their elbows on the annoying storage boxes located in between the driver and front passenger seat. The dashboard comes in next, nice and wide me like *_*b. The front of the car is short too meaning... I can see in front! *o* and the steering wheel can be lowered, not much but every little cm helps! Downside of the car, very little boot space, worse than my Atos D: The seats can't be raised unlike the Viva. Blind spots are worse than MyVi that if I had passengers at the back, I won't be able to see the cars behind me at all @A@.

Went for the G2000 sale today. A bit of a dissapointment, the clothes looked old and cost a hefty RM229 for a blouse. The skirts looked ridiculously cheapskate (and cost RM149) that I can find better ones in Sungei Wang or Summit. Only thing caught my eye was a 3/4 sleeved black jacket made from very thick cotton and grey satin lining. Was quite tempted since it's not the typical jackets you see but it's too stylish to wear x_X.

Left the place and walked to Sungei Wang and discovered what might be a shortcut cutting through the shoplots and appearing in front of BB Plaza. Had lunch in Kim Gary then shopped for clothes and shoes. Gotta start looking at vests and pumps that suit my elephant legs.

On the way home, got a pleasant surprise, bumped into Audrey who was on the way back from uni =D and had one of the most wonderful chats I've had in months T_T. Been feeling that I hold no value in the last circle, leaving was the only choice I could think of.

Just got some news from a few imbeciles I'm paired with for a particular assignment. Seemingly I'm suppose to make an appearance at Retard A's house at 8am. Telling me at 11pm..... I haven't showered, I'm still not done with the sketches, I'm tired, cranky, I've only slept for an hour last night whereas the rest of the retards get to sleep an extra 2 hours and I'll have to wake up at a bloody 5am. Give me a reason not to sell them to the butcher.

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