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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Warehouse Frenzy

Pity there's too many sales in the Merdeka Month but I'm interested in G2000 and Loreal sales. From what I heard, Loreal sales is nasty till the point people queue at the entrance starting from 7am o_o. BioTherm and Shu Uemura products will all be snatched within minutes. Pity, was hoping to try some of their facial products and maybe get a set of good make up brushes. Oh well, looking forward for the G2000 sale. Shirts from RM80+ go down to RM20.

Slept at 4 last night and woke up with a bad stomach ache around 6 x_X. It got worse when I quickly stood up followed by a wave of dizzyness. It's bad too when you gotta rush to the toilet half asleep but I made it! T^Tb Continued sleeping until 8 which was the time to wake up and go for class, 45 mins of sleep wasted on the throne T_T Stomach was queasy most of the day and it got worse during my Comm Theories class. It's definitely gotta be the milk >_>

But overall, I've never felt this much peace in weeks whenever I wake up. Now hopefully I can dive into those 15 sketches by tonight so that I can watch Wall-E tomorrow. 9 semi completed graphic items await me too after the movie.

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