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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OnlyBeauty - Your One Stop Freebie Site

Oh yes you saw that right, FREEBIES. I've always love the idea 'Try Before You Buy' that was implemented by Kiehl's whereby customers can take home samples of the product for a proper trial before buying the full size product. It makes the customer feel good when they invest in a full size product knowing that it will definitely give results!

After I was introduced to Kiehl's concept, I started looking for samples to try before buying the full size product as I had very sensitive and acne prone skin :D Unfortunately not many brands carry the same ritual. Either the brand doesn't carry samples or suffer under the scrutiny of the salesperson for the next 15 minutes if you request for one >_<. Others would use the samples as an extra bonus for their customers if they purchase anything. I mostly get the scrutinized.... can't help it if I don't doll myself in skin tight clothes and heels when I visit the counter =_=. Feel paiseh asking for sample when they give me that look ;__; but I don't want to pay RMXX and not get the results I want.......

Now thanks to a group of people who understand those concerns of mine (and tons of other females XD), I introduce to you OnlyBeauty an online beauty portal that provides the latest beauty information, promotions, product workshops and yes, FREEBIES~!!!!

OnlyBeauty's site. They've went through a revamp comparing to the last time I visited the site. Feels a lot of more user friendly now :P
Freebies listed for the day :D
Just sign up on their website and you'll be one step closer to getting those freebies! Of course, nothing comes free without a little effort~ Once you've registered an ID on OnlyBeauty, you can apply for your desired sample by clicking on the 'Apply Now' button. Then just kick back and stalk the Successful Applicant List, praying hard that you'll get the sample you applied for! 

No need to spend time and money to travel and ask for sample,

No more bottles of dusty skincare bottles rotting at the corner of your room,

and best of all.....

No more suffering from the judging glares of the salesperson ಠ_ಠ

Check out the participating brands from OnlyBeauty! Not only they give out freebies for drugstore products, they also have counter product samples!!!! hohohohoho~

Some of the participating brands
Counter brands included :D
Follow OnlyBeauty on their Facebook as well to get the latest beauty news and also get the chance to participate in their product workshops! :D. Remember the hands on session with René Furterer I went 2 weeks ago? Yeap that was organized by OnlyBeauty and you can join the fun as well by stalking their facebook! :D
Facebook: OnlyBeauty

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