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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beauty Expo 2012

Now in its 12 year and going from strength to strength with outstanding participation from experts of the industry, the Beauty12 Expo was held from 28th Sept to 1st October in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in 2001, Beauty Expo was the first professional beauty trade exhibition to be held in Malaysia. Covering a top-notch selection of beauty, business, education, trends and industrial competitions over the pas 11 years, this exhibition has transcended to the most important networking platform for leaders from Beauty, Hair and Nail Industry in the Southeast Asia. Beauty12 Expo Covers 10,000 square metres of space, representing 500 exhibits from 23 countries.

Every year the expo brings in exhibitors from the entire spectrum from the beauty industry. This year, the exhibit zones are divided into 5 areas namely:
  1. Beauty Salon Spa & Wellness
  2. Hair Products & Equipment
  3. Nail Products & Tools
  4. Packaging, Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling
  5. Makeup & Education.
The exhibition was opened to public on a weekday with an entry fee of RM15. Believe me girls, this is one of the most worth exhibitions to go to stock up on your beauty items. I normally go to these expo's to stock up on makeup, brushes and also masks :D. Even makeup cases are cheap hehehe, I got my makeup box from the expo a few years back for about RM60 *_*V. Not only that, the expo is a good chance for you to go and see what's new in the market, keep yourself updated with the latest trends :D

The expo features a variety of seminars and competitions covering all beauty aspects. I was there to cover the Kimarie Hairdressing & Academy of Makeup show. Many thanks to Tammy for that!

The show was part of the opening act for the Malaysia Hair Makeup Nail Competition.

I loved how this shot was taken with the projector showing the explosion behind lol

Next come the whites (gods I suddenly feel racist lol)

Beautiful show put together! =) I really regret not having a better camera to snap better pictures x_X. The runway was quite far *sobs* The competition shall be posted in the next entry but just to share with you some photos I took of the expo.
Set of trimming scissors going for RM60! As much as I know cosplayers are a TaoBao addict but I think getting good quality salon grade scissors (plus skill I suppose) is good.  
Naturactor foundation only going for RM8! Holy that's cheap! But I've already gotten mine from Japan :D
Sol, a makeup brand from Korea. Really love their packaging! They've just launched their range of masks but sadly they're not available in Malaysia.
Interesting, color changing lipsticks depending on the blood circulation of the lip area
Booths from Singapore carrying makeup tools
Beautifully displayed!!! Will be reviewing their lashes and eyeliner soon hehe :D
Cinderella's booth where I got the chance to meet the CEO, Dr Chung Jong-Pil,  more about that in the next 1-2 entries :D
Tons of booths selling masks and ampoules
Magicboo, a must visit booth for beauty supplies :D
My haul from the expo
Didn't buy much this time since the Eclat D'or masks were way beyond my budget! They test the mask on half of my face and I loved the result! >.<. Total in that picture itself is already RM138 *sobs*

Next up will be blogging about the Hair Makeup and Nail Competition and also Up, Close and Personal with Cinderella's CEO, Dr. Chung Jong-Pil! :D

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