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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Up, Close and Personal with Dr. Julian from CINDERELLA

Beautiful, charming and the belle of the ball, that was every little girl's dream. We yearn and look in envy at other people, wishing to have the lips of Angelina Jolie, the face of Emma Watson and the legs of Blake Lively. With highly skilled specialist and top-notch technology, the culture of plastic surgery is booming all over the world. A little bit of tweaking on the nose, some restructuring on the jaw and a slice under the eye, anyone can have a baby doll face with doe eyes.

During the weekend I had the opportunity to get up, close and personal with the CEO of one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Koreal, Cinderella Plastic Surgery and Dental Clinic.

Yes, not only they do plastic surgery but they're also dental clinic. Their services include the latest Invisalign 'braces' and also One Day Cavity Clinic where they treat cavities using high-tech CEREC system to reduce the treatment time. I like!!!! only cuz I get to avoid scaling XD;;

CINDERELLA Plastic Surgery & Dental Clinic is a professional medical group which specializes in 3D Star PlastyTM. As an official plastic surgery clinic for a chamber of KBS TV star and MBC TV star, Miss World University, Korea Actor/Actress Union, Seoul Art Technical College and MTM Actor/Vocal Academy, CINDERELLA’s has been the leading plastic surgery for Korean celebrities to come and give high praise. And also newspapers such as Sports Seoul, Joong Daily, Donga Daily Newspaper and Korea Telecom awarded CINDERELLA’s as the best plastic surgery. In 2011, they've also received grand prizes in both fields of best medical group and social contribution.

As mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to meed Dr. Julian along with a few other girls for a private interview session.
DAT FACE!!!! Dr Julian aka Jung Jong-Pil
Gosh he looks so young if I don't count the grey hair OAO;;; 

Public perception towards cosmetic surgery has been very positive and could get better which is why CINDERELLA is looking to have a partnership to establish a branch here in Malaysia :D Cosmetic surgery is now seen as a worthwhile investment rather than a sign of vanity. To many Korean women, cosmetic surgery is seen not only seen as self care but serves as a sign of status in the Korean society where first impressions are everything. 

Plastic Surgery is almost seen as a natural thing to do in Korea. Roughly 7 out of 10 women in Korea in their 20's to 30's have done plastic surgery. Most popular would be surgery to make the eyes rounder and nose sharper. CINDERELLA provides 24/7 care to each patient after surgery. There would be 24 hours round the clock supervision for post op care. 

According to Dr. Julian, most of their surgeries are pretty painless O.O as they do a thorough examination of the patient before going for plastic surgery. Recovery rate is also much faster to what I recalled reading a few years ago. Now a surgery for bigger eyes only takes about a week to recover whereas a whole face reconstruction only takes 2-4 weeks for recovery o.o. 

Some goodies from CINDERELLA :D including skincare products <3 The snail cream sample packet looks so cute~ I tak sanggup to tear it!!! ;_;
A photo of the girls together with Dr Julian :D
Psssst... he admitted he injects botox into his face :D No wonder he looks so young~ Looking forward to see a CINDERELLA clinic here soon. I've browsed through the website and the facilities look awesome! Though I'm still cringing at the thought of doing plastic surgery myself, I'm looking to get rid of the deep smile/frown lines on my face in the future x_X

CINDERELLA Plastic Surgery and Dental Clinic is only available in Korea but you can browse through their global site just to check out the services and facilities they provide :D Again, thank you to Tammy from Plusizekitten.com and Chyi Ming from Beauty Expo for providing me this opportunity!

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