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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thye Shin & Ai Ling's Wedding @ Melaka

Ahhh lazy lazy me can never maintain a blog at this rate @__@;; Give me a week off, and it'll be difficult for me to come back and write something T__T. Went to attend a wedding during one of the weekends. It was the first time I had to attend a wedding in another state so we rounded up a few friends and took a day trip there. Needless to say that with a one-day trip to Melaka + bunch of people = makan session!

Had onigiri for lunch at Niko-Niko Onigiri before we started our journey
Made a pit-stop at Seremban to get some Siew Pau. When it comes to Siew Pau in Seremban, Empayar Seremban Siew Pau floods the whole area. Seriously I think there's like 5-6 shops scattered all around the place including on the highway but the place we wanted to go is one of the hipster smaller shops located in the city.
Hipster shop! Kee Mei Siew Pow :D
The shop is located in one of the smaller roads nearby KFC. Even the shop itself is almost barely noticeable XD;; I found the place when I made a pit-stop at Seremban.

Siew Pao~~~
Other pastries available~
Kee Mei Seremban Siew Pau
1849, Jln Tok Ungku,
70100 Seremban

While browsing FourSquare, we also found another place that is famous for its cendol. Since we were around the area, why not have a try? :D 

Impossibly hard to miss stall, Haji Shariff's Cendol, very green OAO
Only one person to prepare the cendol O_O
Everything is green in this place! The tiles, floor, tables, chairs and even the uniform! There's many types of cendol here but we ordered the normal and the cendol pulut since it was recommended in FourSquare.
Cendol served within minutes :D in a double layered stainless steel bowl.
I'm not a fan of cendol so I can't give any comment on it :P but the rest say it's so-so. After all the distraction in Seremban, we continued our journey to Melaka~

Reached! ^o^V
We reached the hotel about 5pm+ so we had plenty of time to change and do our makeup~ Too bad there's no showers for us T_T felt so stickyyyy.

Lepak before the event!
The table near the reception showing the couples photos and a doodle section~
Audrey in her 4-inch heels almost towering everyone else lol

The wedding ballroom :D
Outfit for the night~ Finally get to wear my asymmetrical skirt from Supre \*O*/ Think I might need to trim the length cuz it makes my legs look short ><
Me and Audrey~ Now my face shape looks different @_@
Peeps at our table~
Next table full of happy MMU-ians
Enter the bride and groom~! Congrats to them! :D
Another highlight for the night was a VERY drunk Fazri. 
So ghey~
Videos of Fazri shall be uploaded on to my FB soon~ hehehehe >D

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