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Monday, October 8, 2012

Nature Republic's Member Service

Hey all! Just want to share some news from Nature Republic as I've been a fan of their products, especially their Trouble Spot Clear Patch which sadly has been discontinued T_T. Anyways, just to update you guys regarding their membership upgrading service which is from 5th Oct to 11th Oct:

For current members, just bring your old NR card to be replaced at any nature Republic Outlet and get a RM5 voucher to be used in their store! Better be quick as there's only 3 days left :D
Left: Old member card, Right: New member card + my RM5 voucher :D
Gonna miss you *sniffs*
To be honest, I prefer the old card design =/ really gonna miss it *sniffs* TT___TT. Oh, forgot to mention that the member card gives you 10% discount for any purchase in the store :D I've manage to save quite a bit with the member card as I used to get the Trouble Spot Clear Patches for my pimples. Sadly it's discontinued now T_T but I'm still getting stuff from Nature Republic. One I'd recommend is:

Soothing and Moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel
This is one of the best sellers in Nature Republic and it's only RM30+ for a 300ml tub! I've had this for a few months and I've no idea how to finish it! I love this product as its both moisturizing and soothing so it's suitable as a moisturizer for my face :D The texture is a lot thinner compared to the 100% Aloe Vera's that you get from Watsons and Guardian so it doesn't feel very thick and clogging my face. I'm using this as a moisturizer, lotion and even to soothe my friend's sunburns during the Hari Belia event XD;;

Here's a rough guide by Nature Republic on how to use the Aloe gel :D Hmm... gotta try it as hair treatment next :P

And guess what....? :D
They're having a MEMBERS DAY!!! :D
YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Members day is pretty soon too!!!! This Friday to be exact WOHOO!!! Planning to buy their Bamboo Series Eye Cream to try :D

Follow Nature Republic on Facebook to get more updates!! :D
Nature Republic Malaysia

If  knew their members day was soon, I would've saved the RM5 voucher for then *sniffs*
Bought 2 masks at RM5.90 each :D

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