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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scalp & Hair Beauty Workshop by René Furterer

A woman's hair is her crowning glory. We pay a lot of attention to our hair because everyone else will. It's one of the first things people notice at a first glance. Thanks to all the social pressure, we women spend a lot of time to make sure we tame that insane mane of ours before we step out of the house. It's frikkin serious business and René Furterer knows it!

Last week I received an invite from Tammy to attend René Furterer's Scalp and Hair Beauty Workshop organized by OnlyBeauty. Was quite keen to attend since I've been wanting to get my scalp analyzed :D Last time I went for a scalp analysis at Himalaya but unfortunately I applied some essential oils so they couldn't tell me the status of my scalp T_T. This time I made sure I leave the house with my unruly hair..... *wears paper bag on head*

"Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil" -René Furterer 1957

Of course, to have beautiful hair, one will have to know how to take care of their scalp. For over 50 years, René Furterer designed treatment products that treat both scalp and hair. Their treatment products are based on plat extracts and essential oils, well known for their therapeutic properties. These ingredients naturally provide hair with the elements to improve its health and beauty. The following pictures are a mixture of mine and some stolen from Arisa because I'm a bad photographer =(

Speaker for the day: Mr Damien, PFDC Asia Pacific Trainer
Damien introduced René Furterer's hair care range which consist of 18 types of treatments stretching to over 50 products as each treatment has their own type of shampoo, conditioner, sprays and etc. Instead, I'll spare you the long post and direct you to their product ranger here: René Furterer Product Range. As you can see they have treatments catered to almost any type of hair condition. Products can be mixed depending on hair condition as well. 

René Furterer also created a scalp and hair care method that is recommended to optimize the growth of strong, healthy and beautiful hair. 

The first step starts with a scalp massage. Massages have a therapeutic effect while reinforcing the effectiveness of the hair treatments. René Furterer's scalp massage can be done in the comfort of your home in just 3 easy steps.

Hands on demo during the workshop with Arisa as the guinea pig :D
Next comes the treatment process which consists of 4 steps.
Just as you thought shampooing and conditioning is sufficient 

The first step is to prepare the scalp by performing the scalp massage mentioned above together with their product, the Complexe 5. 

The Complexe 5 is a must have in René Furterer's scalp and hair care routine. It strengthens hair from the route while deeply cleanses the scalp and optimizing the effectiveness of René Furterer's treatments. The Complexe 5 is made out of 53% pure essential oils of Orange and Lavender  Just massage the oil on to dry scalp before shampooing.

Next comes shampooing depending on your hair condition. Will go more into that later.
Step 3: Conditioner/Mask
Lastly, the treatment~
Seems like quiet a handful doesn't it? My mind was already spinning with the amount of products they have @_@. After the workshop, we had a scalp analysis session where we have experts to scan our scalp and recommend the idea scalp and hair care routine for us :D (phew!). 

Yay I had Damien to scan my scalp!!! *gets smacked*
First we had to answer a series of questions regarding our hair condition.
Then comes the moment of truth DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. Damien scanned my scalp and compared it to other pictures of scalp types.
My scalp and hair care routine :D
Thankfully my results show that I have a pretty healthy scalp but suffering from a period of hair loss. I'm guessing it's the sleeping late habit XD;; Damien recommended me a mixed ritual between the Carthame and Myrrhea range to provide sufficient moisture to my dry-ish hair and tame the hairs near my forehead~

René Furterer products are available at selected Sasa outlets or if you find the routine a bit too tedious for your time, you can always opt for a visit at their boutique located at Pavilion for a personalized consultation and treatment :D 

René Furterer Paris Institute
Lot 6.29, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143 9308

Also available at

Hair Culture Mandarin Oriental KL
Level 3, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Tel: 03-2179 8730

Glamor House Bangsar
No.3, Jalan Riong Off Jalan Maarof
Tel: 03-2283 4868

Sasa Selected Stores
Kuala Lumpur: Pavilion, Sungei Wang Plaza, Lot 10, Hartamas Shopping Mall
Selangor: Sunway Pyramid, 1Utama, Empire Gallery
Penang: Gurney Plaza, 1st Avenue
Johor Bahru: City Square
Kota Kinabalu: Suria KK

Thank you OnlyBeauty and Tammy for having me there! \>w</ This workshop has been very informative for me. To get a chance to attend awesome workshops like this, like OnlyBeauty's FB to get the latest updates :D

Facebook: OnlyBeauty

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